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Buffaloe Herd

Kenya's most famous and all around the world know attractions are the several national parks and reserves with their plenty of wildlife. From the coast the nearest and the most visited national parks are the Tsavo and the Amboseli national parks. The symbol of Tsavo National Park are its red elephants whose red colour is a reflection of the red earth found in the Taita Hills and its environs. Tsavo is the biggest national park in Kenya and offers a variety of animal species. Recommended in Tsavo are camping sites like Westermann's and the Crocodile Camp of the African Safari Club, both are not congested like the big logdes. Exceptional are the sunrises and sunsets in Africa and no film can capture the magic of these moments. The best advice is to experience them for yourself.

The lodges normally located in or near the parks give one the feeling of being back in the Africa of the game hunters. The Kilaguni Lodge has a watering hole a few meters away from the building and one can get to observe the animals when they visit to drink. Take care of the monkeys that are after your meals! The Red Elephants Lodge only few hundred meters from a gate to the Tsavo Park is a basic starting point for adventurous safaris within the park, with a little luck you will even see huge buffalo herds and lions hunting and catching them for breakfast.

The Amboseli National Park has an exceptional dense animal population. If the skys are clear from here you even get to see Tanzania's Kilamanjaro as a bonus.

Elephants at Kilaguni

The Salt Lick Lodge built on sitcks has a watering hole next to it and visitors get to see animals at night when they come to drink. The Kimana Lodge offers some meat to a leopard every evening tied to a tree. The Crocodile Camp feeds the crocodile of the Galana River. The rest you have to experience yourselves. Because the parks are frequented by many tourists every year and the soil loosens up leading to wind erosion the visitors are therefore requested to stop asking the drivers to bring them so close to the animals that the park environment is destroyed through the tour van driving on grass and vegetation. Maybe you get to see less animal but at least the environment is spared and in the next century your great grand children will still be able to enjoy what you enjoyed.

The mentioned areas are however a very small part of what Kenya has curved out for the protection of animals. Others include the Sibiloi National Reserve on shores of Lake Turkana, there is Lake Nakuru with ist thousands of flamingoes, the Marsabit Game Reserve, the Masai Mara the world famous extension of Serengeti and many others. Just make your own dreams come true and start your individual safari using our agency services.

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