Lake Nakuru world of flamingoes

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Not too far from Nairobi - but although a little bit stressing due to the bad condition of the road - all along the way to Kisumu one passes several small lakes and a beautiful area with varying landscape. From a view point the sight to the Masai's holy volcanoe mountain Longonot gives a great chance to take some snapshots for presentation back home. Further on Lake Naivasha might most likely be famous for the wine being produced in that area.

But for those interested in nature's beautiness Lake Nakuru nearby the small town of Nakuru will be a main destination of Kenya's upcountryside. Already some kilometers away while reaching Nakura you get a glimpse of for what the Lake is famous for. A huge mass of colourful pink is covering large parts of the Lake - millions of flamingoes have chosen Lake Nakuru for their beloved homeplace.

Flamingoes Lake Nakuru

For some few dollars one can enter the Lake Nakuru National park - this is also possible with your private car. Just to make sure the tires and bumpers are in good condition and not to be afraid about a major cleaning action after visiting the park which for sure will be necessary as the roads' sand and dust will make their way into each small corner of the vehicle. So maybe better to let one of the profis organize the trip for you. In the Nakuru Park you can find some antilopes, buffaloes, zebras and monkeys not far there is also a rhino sanctuary but again visitors of Nakuru National Park come for a special reason that they find at the Lakes edges. The flamigoe birg in uncountable numbers.

Nakuru National Park is one of the few parks where currently it seems not to be a problem to drive your car very near the water of the lake. Even getting out of the car is due to the fact that there currently are no too dangerous wild animals is possible although officially as in all other National Parks of Kenya it is not allowed. Walking very near to the Flamingoes gives you a feeling that will remain unforgetable in your heart and soul.

Millions of flamingoes

From a specal point reaching the flamingoes the whole huge mass of pink birds respectfully is moving the same distance backwards into the Lake as you get nearer to it. The sound concert of the flamingoes will let you feel being in the real nature somhing we civilized people especially in the Western World don't practice any more but can recreate it from our hearts when being confrontated with it again. Believe, that feeling standing in god's free and wild nature and facing these million of wild creatures and hearing their voice out of your safe place in the car or safari bus hits you with all it's strength, you will not forget it any more.

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